20th July, 2009

Top 5 best movie torrent uploaders

posted 5 years ago

A lot of people are asking if there are users out there who uploads quality DVD movie rips through torrent. Some people also asks if there are other users besides aXXo who has a good reputation as well. So here is my personal selection of the top 5 best movie torrent uploaders. My basis for this selection is their reputation in uploading quality DVD rips and popularity.

1. aXXo - There’s no doubt, he’s the best and most popular torrent uploader. He had this reputation of uploading only quality DVD releases averaging 700MB per movie file. Lately, aXXo had been uploading a lot of “trilogy” and “box sets” torrents which is excellent for those movie collectors out there. He names his files properly indicating the year the movie was released and the type of audio encoding used.

2. FXG - For me, this uploader is very comparable to aXXo. He became very popular just lately but he’s already been uploading for quite some time. He also limits his movie files up to 700MB in average.

3. FxM - This uploader is not as popular as aXXo and FXG but he also has a good reputation. He also maintains an average of 700MB per movie file. The good thing about this user is that most of his movies have subtitles (.SRT files) included.

4. KLAXXON - When aXXo was gone for a few months, this user appeared. Some people thought he was aXXo because he uploaded quality DVD rips as well. But he’s definitely not aXXo because of the way he names his files. A lot of people were furious about this user for including the keyword “axxo” between his name. So whenever you’d search for “axxo”, the user “klaxxon” would also appear. Many people hated this strategy but indeed a smart move to get noticed. KLAXXON doesn’t maintain a 700MB file average because some files are about 1.2GB in size. But if you’re looking for more movie collections, check out this user. What I don’t like about this user is that he doesn’t indicate the year the movie was released.

5. NikonXp -This user, like the previous uploaders, has a good reputation. Unfortunately he’s not so popular that he loses some seeds for his torrents. He uploads quality DVD rips, BUT he also uploads regional (R5) releases. So if you can’t wait for the real DVD releases to be ripped, you can check this guy’s R5 releases. He also has a good collection of movies with subtitles (.SUB) on some.


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